Sin Dogs Official Website


Hi folks and welcome to our official website.  

Here you will find all the latest News/Gigs and much more right here on our page..

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The Sin Dogs are:

Zal Cleminson - Lead vocals / Guitar

David Cowan - Keyboards

William McGonagle - Guitar

Nelson McFarlane - Bass

Carlos Marin - Drums

‘’Media Quotes’’

''An Impenetrably dense wall of sound that was unsparingly savage''

‘’Christ these songs are angry! 

Black metal-themed anthems..perfect backdrops for marching out of hell’’

 ‘’Sin Dogs have written the greatest new riffs by anyone this decade‘’

‘’Zal's in the form of his life‘’

‘’Whatever your assumptions, go and see Sin'Dogs and buy their album "vol 1". This is angry vital MODERN metal played with passion, elan and dark humour’’