The band have just performed their first festival in August at A New Day Festival in Faversham, Kent and went down a storm.  The guys were the opening act of the weekend and performed a 50 minute powerhouse set to a pleased audience.

Next up is Cropredy Festival this Saturday where they will perform to around 20,000 people so the band are really excited


The band would like to say a BIG congratulations to Willie & Holly on the birth of their beautiful daughter Millie.  We wish them all the very best with their new wee addition to their family.

The band are going into final preparations for their August Festival dates which kicks off thie Friday at A New Day Festival in Kent.

The band have also been hard at work in the studio working on a new recording which more details will be unveiled over the next few weeks.


The band performed at the iconic 100 Club in London last Friday and went down a storm.  The band played a full on set and it was the first gig that Zal appeared on stage with the new make-up which features a segment of the original 'mime' make up from his SAHB days.

Next up for the band is a few days in the studio working on the upcoming EP, followed by some festivals in August.


The band have just returned from what seemed to be a successful trip to Sweden Rock Festival last weekend.

The band performed a one hour set to an excited audience.

Next up is Middlesbrough Town Hall this Friday (14th June).

Another reminder that there is now some new merch items available for sale over on our official Facebook Shop so head over and check it out :)


Over the past week or so, the band have been hard at work in the studio recording tracks for an upcoming release.

These recordings are not for the second album, but we know that the fan's will be happy with the finished product and more information on this over the coming weeks.

Next up for the band is Sweden Rock Festival on the 8th June.  The band are extremely excited to try and make an impact and are hopeful this will be our foot in the door for European Tours and Festivals.


The band enjoyed a successful trip up north with shows in Dundee, Aberdeen, and Inverness.  Next gig for the band is the iconic Sweden Rock Festival.  Zal is really excited for this one and has happy memories of the festival as he performed there with SAHB in 2006.  He's hopeful the band will go down a storm and get us more dates in Europe.


After the successful show at The Barrowlands a few weeks ago, the band are now preparing their full length set for their upcoming shows up north.

The Dogs play THE CHURCH, Dundee this coming Friday 10th May, followed by The ASSEMBLY, Aberdeen on Saturday 11th May, and IRONWORKS, Inverness on Sunday 12th May.

For those of you who don't know, there are some new merchandise available to buy from our official Facebook Shop, and soon you will be able to purchase our full range of Merch right here on our official site..Stay tuned for more on this soon...


A Massive Happy Birthday to Zal who turned 70 today.  As many of you will agree, Zal really doesn't look his age and we believe it's because he's now back performing what he loves the most...good, hard and heavy rock and is playing the best he's played his entire career!!

Many Happy Return's Z! :) 


The band performed their second ever show in a packed Barrowlands opening up for Mott The Hoople last Saturday.

The band performed a 30 min set to an exciting and energetic crowd of around 2000, their biggest audience to date and went down a storm..

Some reviews have now started to surface on the bands performance and all of them glowing with how well they played and sounded on the night.

check out the reviews page to see how they got on if you were one of the unlucky ones not to have witnessed it live..

Next up is the 3 shows up north...Dundee, Aberdeen, and Inverness on the 10th, 11th, and 12th May - more details on these shows on the poster on the main page of the site and on our official Facebook page.

Big thanks to Dave Shiletto for getting us an incredible sound last week, Tour Manager Richie Dempsey for all the organising, Craig Cameron for all his help on stage and more, Nikki Taylor & Pat McGonagle for the Merch, and to everyone else who has helped us along the way- you’re help is invaluable and we really appreciate it.


New Dates Added...

BLACKPOOL - Waterloo Bar - Friday 30th August

LEICESTER  - (TBC) - Saturday 31st August

BARNSLEY - The Old School House - Friday 15th November.

Tickets are available now for these shows. The Leicester gig will be confirmed where the venue is ASAP.


After a successful run of shows in Wakefield & Stoke, the band are now preparing themselves for their next show which is at Bannerman's, Edinburgh next Saturday 13th April, followed by the 'Special Guest' slot at The Barrowlands, Glasgow opening up for Mott The Hoople.

The band have also rebranded their logo which can now be viewed on the main page of the site, and on our official Facebook page.  


Last night, the band were in final rehearsals for their upcoming shows in Wakefield tomorrow & Stoke on Sunday night.  We are all looking forward to it...see you all there :)


Zal & the band are back in rehearsals this week getting their set together for their shows at the end of the month.

The band play Warehouse 23, Wakefield on Saturday 30th March, and Eleven, Stoke on Sunday 31st March.

These shows mark the debut of our new 'Stick Man' Mr Carlos Marin.  Please give him a warm welcome.

If you haven't already, here are the links to get tickets for these shows...

Also this week..Zal was interviewed by David Randall  from Get Ready To Rock Radio, where Zal discussed his entire career from Tear Gas..right up to present day with sin dogs.  If you want to hear the repeated show, click the link below to find out more.....


The band will be attending the book launch of our former drummer Scott Cowie this evening at The Blue Arrow Club, Glasgow.

Scott has written a book titled 'Things You Won't Believe About Music' and the band will be there to support him, with Zal and some of the band performing on the night as well.


Hi folks! 

The band have been hard at work in the studio working on the set for our next two shows which are Warehouse 23, Wakefield on Saturday 30th March, and Eleven, Stoke on Sunday 31st March. 

The set is coming together nicely with our new drummer Carlos adding depth and power to the songs.  Zal reckons this is the best the band has ever sounded so Wakefield & are all in for a treat 😁

We have also uploaded some new photos from our last gig in Minehead at the Giants Of Rock Festival, thanks to our good friend from Russia..Mr Alexander Sedelnikov. 

Looking forward to to seeing you all in a few weeks...Rock & Roll 😁


We are delighted to announce our new member of the band.

Mr Carlos Marin takes over the drumming hotseat from Louie Malvessi who left the band at the end of 2018.  

We wish Louie all the very best with his future projects and look forward to opening a new chapter in the band with Carlos.


Tickets for our show at The 100 Club, London in July are now on the link to get yours...we are informed these tickets will sell fast...


The band had an absolute blinder of a show at the Giants Of Rock Festival last night performing to over 2,000 people in an amazing and well organised venue.

kicking off the set with the track ‘Sin dogs’ the guys were in full flow and Zal was on blistering form.

big thank you to those who came along to the show and look forward to seeing some of you at our next couple of shows which are Warehouse 23, Wakefield on Saturday 30th March, and at Eleven, Stoke on Sunday 31st March.

We would also like to thank Scott Cowie for standing in on drum duties for the show..the band really appreciated it, and look forward to launch of his book which is available to buy online via Amazon and by contacting Scott via his Facebook page.  Scott is also having a ‘launch night’ for his book on Tuesday 5th March at the Blue Arrow Club, Glasgow.


The band have been hard at work in the rehearsal studio getting their set prepared for the first gig of 2019 which is this coming Saturday at the Giants of Rock Festival, Minehead.

We would also like to announce that original sin dogs drummer Scott Cowie will be filling in for this show due to the departure of Louie Malvessi.

More on this update soon...


It was with great sadness that we announce the passing of SAHB drummer Ted McKenna.

Ted was an integral part of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, and also worked with Rory Gallagher, Michael Schenker Group, Ian Gillan, and many more...

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ted's family at this time.



Happy New Year to you all.  We hope you all had a great festive holiday.

The band are preparing to go back into the studio shortly to rehearse their set for the first show of 2019...the Giants Of Rock Festival down in Minehead.

It's not confirmed what time the band will take to the stage but keep up to date right here on the website and our official Facebook page for confirmation once it's announced.


The band would like to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year when it comes..

We've had a great year of live shows, and there is loads happening behind the scenes with regards to the band's follow up to Vol.1.....yet untitled Vol.2 album which will be released next year which we're all excited about.

Keep up to date right here, and on our official Facebook page.

Merry Christmas 

From Zal, Davie, Nelson, Willie, and Louie.


**Important Announcement**

The band would like to express their deepest apologies as our show in Aberdeen has been cancelled.

As you may have read on Zal's official Facebook page, he has decided to take the rest of the year off the road to rest and concentrate on writing material for the band's next album.

We apologise to all those who had purchased tickets to come to our show in Aberdeen and hope that it hasn't put anyone off coming to see us again in the near future.

All shows for 2019 are still going ahead as planned, but any updates will be posted both here and on our official Facebook page.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding and will see you all at a show soon.

Meanwhile, please check out our new range of T-shirts on our Facebook shop...selling fast :)


There has been some new merchandise added to our official Facebook page.

Limited edition t-shirts with brand new design, and comes in various colours.  Head over to our Facebook page to find out more...hurry while stocks last :)


Hi Folks!  The band are back in the studio this week preparing their set for the Winterstorm Festival this Friday.

The guys have chosen a high octane set of material to perform on the night and ensures to be a knock out gig..the band are raring to go and unleash their set to the masses.

Also this week it was announced that the band will be 'special guests' to the legendary 'MOTT THE HOOPLE' at the Barrowlands, Glasgow on the 20th April.  Tickets for this event are on sale now - grab while you can because there is a chance this will sell out...


Good Morning Boys & Girls..

The Band had a successful run of shows down south last weekend and it’s looks as tho the word is rapidly spreading about the band and the reactions have been sensational to say the least..

The band kicked off their first of three shows with Snakecharmer in Edinburgh and went down a storm, performing a short but powerful set of music from our debut album with a new song thrown in as well. 

Last Friday we headed to London ULU and again blew the roof off the place and performed to satisfied fans of both us and Snakecharmer.

Last but by no means least we played The Stables, Milton Keynes on Sunday evening, performing a slightly shorter set but didn’t stop the fans getting right into the songs and singing along so all in all, three great shows and we would like to thank Snakecharmer for asking us to open up for their shows.

Next up for the band is the Winterstorm Festival, Troon which will probably be the biggest gig for the band this year, sharing the bill with some fantastic artists and the guys are ready and raring to go.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and hope to see many of you there on the 23rd November 😁


Hi Folks...after a much needed break, the band are starting preparations for their next batch of special guests to SNAKECHARMER.

The band will be opening up for them next Thursday 18th October in The Caves, Edinburgh, followed by the ULU, London on Friday 26th October, and The Stables, Milton Keynes on Sunday 28th October.

The guys are very much looking forward to the shows and hopefully they will attract some new fans along the way.

Rehearsals begin next week for their 45 min set which will consist of their best songs from the debut album Vol.1 and possibly some fan favorites time permitting :)


The band enjoyed a great weekend of gigs down south. First up...Fibbers, York, performed what Zal says was the band’s best gig to date and also marked the debut of drummer Louie Malvessi who received an incredible reception from the fans.

The following night the band were at Louth Town Hall and once again, played a blinder and the fans loved it.

Big thanks to Andy and his family for their hospitality in Louth, band were made to feel right at home. Also a big thanks to Mike Drew for all his hard work and for taking amazing photos / videos of the band, and also to Marc Thomson who took care of the ‘Merch’ stall for us..we really appreciate it 👌

Next up - Alva Masonic Hall this Saturday.


The band are about to get back into rehearsals next week for their two shows in Fibbers, York, and Louth Town Hall on the 21st and 22nd September are available now..this also marks the debut for our new ‘Stick Man’...Mr Louis Malvessi.

Make him feel welcome and I’m sure you’re all gonna love his playing - Rock & Roll 🤘🏼

08/09/18 - 

Hi folks! A wee reminder that the online shop for this website is not operational at this point, few teething problems with PayPal but we will have it up and running ASAP...

in the meantime, should you wish to purchase a tshirt or album, please do it via our official Facebook shop...


20/08/18 - 

Zal and the Sin Dogs were performing at the South Beach Sessions last friday and went down a treat.

The band played an hour set to an energetic and enthusiastic crowd.

The gig was also the final show for drummer Scott Cowie who has decided to leave the band to focus on his career as a lecturer among other projects.

The band wish him all the very best for the future.

The band would like to welcome Scott's replacement...Mr Louie Malvessi.

Louie has joined the band on a permanent basis and we all look forward to working with him.

14/09/18 - 

The band are performing at the South Beach Sessions on Friday in Troon Town Hall.  

The band have been busy recently with gigs down south and recently performed at the Brasenose Arms which is part of the Cropredy Festival where they went down a storm.

Next up after the South Beach Sessions is Fibbers, York on Friday 21st September, followed by  Louth Town Hall, Louth on Saturday 22nd September, and Alva Masonic Hall on Saturday 29th Setpember.

09/07/18 - 

After a successful weekend of gigs down south 2 weeks ago, the band are back on the road again tomorrow performing at the Brasenose Arms, Oxford.  The gig is part of a festival and /sin'dogs/ will be performing live around 4pm.

31/7/18 - 

The band have just finished their July weekend of shows down south and judging by the response of the fans, they smashed it!

First up was back at The Cluny, Newcastle where they performed last year during their debut Tour..the gig was just as good, if not better than last year...

The following night saw the band perform their first festival...Cambridge Rock and once again the band were on top form, impressing fans with their blistering set..hopefully next year, the band will be the Headline act..

Last but by no means least...Eleven, Stoke. The band knocked it out the park once again leaving fans shouting for more...and with a venue with a sound limiter of 100db, that didn't stop them from hitting the audience between the eyes with their powerful set which included two reworked SAHB tracks 'Isobel Goudie' and 'Faith Healer' which went down a storm.

Next up for Sin Dogs is The Brasenose Arms, Cropredy on Friday 10th August.


Zal was on BBC2 on Wednesday night taking part in the series 'Rip It Up' which was about Scottish Music and how it has progressed over past 50 years.

15/7/18 - The band are now in rehearsals in Clydebank working on their live set for the 3 England dates at the end of the month.

Zal & the guys have also decided to add two SAHB song's to their live set, and to the very small minority who have heard them play them at rehearsals have said that they sound fantastic, modern, and kicked right up to date.

7/7/18 - 

The band are about to start rehearsing for their 3 shows at the end of July.  First up is The Cluny, Newcastle on Friday 27th, then Cambridge Rock Festival on the 28th, and finishing up in Eleven, Stoke on the 29th.

The band performed in The Cluny during their Debut Tour last year and went down a storm, so the band are hopeful that this time around will be the same, if not...BETTER :)

More gigs are coming in, so make sure you're up to date here and on our official Facebook page for Gig dates, News, and More..

The band are also mentioned in this month's Classic Rock, and Planet Rock magazine's for their gig in Stoke.

26/6/18 - 

The band are currently working on their first music video which will be released over the coming weeks.  More details to be revealed on this won't be disappointed :)

23/6/18 - 

On behalf of the rest of the band,  we'd like to congratulate our very own Scott Cowie and partner Sheryl on their marriage.  

Congratulations and we wish you every happiness for years to come.

15/6/18 - 

The band performed 2 songs live on Glasgow's Sunny Gavan Radio tonight and done a live interview to promote their debut album Vol.1.  The band received positive feedback on their acoustic versions of their songs which the band were happy to hear.  Who knows, the band may do it again and add it to their live set...

10/6/18 - 

Sin Dogs unveiled their first studio album 'VOL.1' and to celebrate, the band held a launch night in The Blue Arrow Club, Glasgow where they performed a short acoustic set, and had an intimate Q&A with legendary rock DJ Tom Russell on stage.

The band would like to thank everyone who came along and supported them and continue to do so, and look forward to seeing you all at a show soon..Tour/Gig dates are now listed on here and via our Official Facebook Page.  

The band would also like to thank Joanne (David's wife), and her cousin Alisha for helping at our Merch Stall..the band appreciate all you're hard work so thank you to you both x

7/5/18 - 

The band were hard at work in the studio filming a music video for one of their debut album tracks.

The plan is to premiere the video on night of the album launch which details for will be confirmed very soon.

29/4/18 - 

Today the band were back at The Foundry Music Lab working on the final mix of the debut album VOL.1.

The band have now completed all work on the album and are now getting ready to release it to the world!

Our good friend Mike Drew came along to hear how the album was sounding and also took official promo stills of the band for the website and other sites.

22/4/18 - 

The band are back in the studio today working on the final mixes of the album and getting it ready for release at the end of next month.  We are super excited about how it's sounding and we can't wait to let you all hear it.

17/4/18 - 

Sin Dogs first show of 2018 will be THE CLUNY, Newcastle on Friday 27th July.  The band performed here last year on their debut tour and went down a storm and are looking forward to returning again this year.

3/4/18 - 

The highly anticipated debut album by the band now has an official title.  The album will be called Vol.1