The Band


Zal Cleminson - lead Vocals / Guitar

  Zal is mostly recognized for his work with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band from 1972-1977.

Zal's career began in the late 60's playing with 

The Bo Weavels and it was only a few years later that he joined Tear Gas with Chris Glen, Ted McKenna, Hugh McKenna, and Dave Bachelor.  

Tear Gas released two critically acclaimed albums...Piggy Go Getter, and Tear Gas.  The life of Tear Gas was short lived as they had reached a point in Scotland where they couldn't possibly get any bigger, so their management gave them an ultimatum...either split up...or meet up with a singer who at the time was looking for a band.

This move would change their lives completely as this singer they were advised about was none other than Alex Harvey.

after a successful run of rehearsals, the band knew it was going to work so they joined forces...but they would no longer be Tear Gas...they would now be..

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band...and the rest as they history.

SAHB went on to record 8 albums in just 5 years, touring extensively, selling out shows all over the UK, Europe, and the US...but it was their 1975 Christmas Shows at the Glasgow Apollo that most fans remember as being the highlight of the bands short career.

The band also were to be the opening act for The Who in 1976 at Celtic Football Stadium..the band were unstoppable...

1977 saw the end of SAHB When Alex decided to leave the band..just shy of the release of their 8th Studio album 'Rock Drill'.

Zal and the rest of the band tried to go it alone under the name 'ZAL', but this project was short lived due to lack of ‘enthusiasm’ by the band and went their separate ways..

  In 1979..Zal joined forces with Scot's rockers Nazareth halfway through the recording of their album No Mean City.  He recorded on their follow-up album 'Malice In Wonderland  ' before leaving the band in 1981.

After Nazareth, Zal formed another band

'Tandoori Cassette' which only lasted a year so..although recorded an EP ‘Angel Talk’.

After Tandoori Cassette, Zal claims to have had numerous non music jobs such as...

a London cab driver

an IT Consultant

and at one Gas meters in people's houses!!

During the mid to late 80's,  Zal also worked as a session musician..working with the likes of: 

Elkie Brooks

Bonnie Tyler, 

Billy Rankin (Nazareth)

Alan Mair (The Beatstalkers)

and Midge Ure..


 In the early 90's.. Zal, Ted McKenna, Chris Glen, and Ronnie Leahy (who was later replaced by Hugh McKenna) formed The Party Boys...which was a 'House' band where they would invite guest vocalists along  such as Fish, and Dan McCafferty, and they would perform song's from their career but after a year or so of doing this, they brought in Stevie Doherty on vocals and reformed SAHB..recorded a live album in Glasgow before disbanding in 1995.

2004 saw the Max Maxwell era of SAHB and would be their final reunion. This time..the band were more of the appeal of going back to the beginning...making their shows more theatrical, and it was this particular period that Zal dawned the now iconic 'face paint' once again. The band recorded their first 'official' album since 1978 titled 'Zalvation' which was a live album.

They performed at some well established festivals such as Sweden Rock, Wickerman, and USC, and even opened for Def Leppard & Cheap Trick at the Hammersmith Odeon In 2006.

 They took on 4 UK Tours and played 2 sell out concerts in their hometown in Glasgow’s ABC both in 2006 & 2007.

With the band's growing reputation in popularity due to the band's 'Heavier' approach to the looked like there was no stopping them...but in 2007... Zal himself decided to call it a day with SAHB.  Zal wanted to push forward with writing and recording new material but again..the rest of the bands lack of enthusiasm made Zal decide enough was enough and quit the music industry for good...or so it seemed...

After a 10 year sabbatical from music and the music industry...Zal returned in blinding fashion..choosing members of a SAHB Tribute band in 2017 to form.../sin'dogs/.

Zal began writing material when he was living in Cyrpus with partner Rachel..and when he had an album's worth of material..he approached keyboardist David Cowan who he knew and asked him if he and his band would be interested in being his band...and to their shock and delight...they agreed..I can you say no to that!

Towards the end of 2017..the band recorded an EP and played a handful of shows throughout the UK to a very pleased audience and in March 2018..the band released their debut studio album 'VOL1' and are about to embark on their album Tour which kicks off in July 2018.

Zal has gone on record to say that he is only NOW playing the BEST music he's ever written and performed.

Zal's favourite musicians are:

Frank Zappa

Jeff Beck (Yardbirds)

Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)

Pete Townsend (The Who)

Jonathan Greenwood (Radiohead)

Zal likes to spend his free time relaxing with partner Rachel and spending time with his grand children.


David Cowan - Keyboards / Backing Vocals

David is a keyboardist with over 20 years experience.

From a young age, he has developed his skills by playing in different genres from Funk, Soul, Blues, and Jazz.

He has won The Glasgow Music Festival 5 years running for his performances in the Jazz & Blues catagory - earning himself an honours grade...the highest achievement given to any musician in it's 125 year running.

David has worked with:

Rich Spirit (Soul/Pop)

The Vandelles (Rock/Blues)

Vinyl Play (Funk/Soul)

JPhunk Quintet (Jazz/Fusion)

The Resonators (Blues/Rock)

Natalie Clark (Pop)

Maeve O'Boyle (Folk/Tradtional)

The Mojomatics (Funk/Soul)

and many more..

In 2013, David was asked by SAHB Bassist Chris Glen to join his band 'The Outfit' and gigged throughout the UK but left the band in 2016 to pursue other projects...

Also In 2013, David performed in Marrakesh, Morocco with fellow band mate William McGonagle where they played alongside Musicians from all over the world in a 5 star hotel for 6 weeks.

David is also a founding member of SAHB tribute The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience who Zal has gone on record to say that they are by far the best tribute to SAHB that's ever been on the scene for preciseness to the music, and attention to detail of the material.  Alex Harvey Jr has also attended their shows and said his 'dad' would have been immensely proud.

Some of his musicial influences are:

Stevie Wonder

Hugh McKenna (SAHB)

Tommy Eyre (Ian Gillan/SAHB)

Don Airey (Gary Moore/Ozzy)

Jon Lord (Deep Purple)

Jools Holland

Corey Henry

David Paich

and Steve Poracro

His favourite band's are:

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band


Pink Floyd

Black Sabbath

Led Zeppelin

Stecue Wonder


Brother Strut

The Dead Daises



Five Finger Death Punch

David is also a big fan of music soundtracks and some of his favourite composers are:

John Carpenter - (Halloween, The Fog)

Danny Elfman - (Batman, Beetlejuice)

James Horner - (Braveheart)

Favourite Actors:

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jack Nicholson

Mel Gibson

Sylvester Stallone

and Arnold Schwarzenegger

When David is not Touring, he performs with Edinburgh-based Corporate Wedding band The Jets along with other session work.

When it comes to Football, David is a Glasgow Rangers supporter and attends matches in his free time.

Most importantly he loves to spend his quality time with wife of 5 years Joanne and their 3 year old son Mason


William McGonagle - Guitar / Backing Vocals

William is a vastly experienced guitarist who has worked with bands like Clyde, Numb, Remedy, 

The Resonators, and The Blues Company to name a few, and has performed in Morocco as a session musician on several occasions..

In an interesting twist, When William was with Clyde in the early 90's, they supported The Sensational Alex Harvey Band at Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow when they were fronted by Stevie Doherty.

William also builds guitars and is a qualified guitar technician.

As well as being Zal's right hand man, William plays the role of Zal himself in a SAHB tribute called The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience alongside sin'dogs members Nelson McFarlane, 

and David Cowan.

Outside the music scene, William enjoys spending time with his partner Holly, and his 3 children Leona, Ryan, and Chloe, and when it comes to Football, he follows his team..Celtic FC..

His favourite musicians are:

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Steve Vai

Tommy Emmanuel

William likes bands such as:


Pink Floyd


and Iron Maiden...


Nelson McFarlane - Bass

Nelson has been performing live for over 20 years and has worked with many different bands in different styles of music..

At present, he is currently working with:

The SAHB Experience

Raising Bail

Oscar Cordoba Band

Avril Ceilidh Band

and of course.../sin'dogs/

Nelson also runs a successful promotions company called NTM Promotions who book band's around the country.

Nelson's favourite musicians are:

Gary Thain

Stanley Clarke

Bob Daisley (Ozzy Osbourne)

Alan Thomson

Geddy Lee (RUSH)

Some of his favourite bands are:


Snarky Puppy

Ozzy Osbourne


And many more...

Nelson likes to spend his free time with wife Alison, son Neil, and watching his beloved football team Heart of Midlothian.

- Drums